Before You Tour

*Inside Schools has great reviews, DOE data and statistics, and great videos on what to look for when you tour.

What to look for in a pre-kindergarten program

Elementary School: What to Look For on a School Tour

There are also written instructions for a great tour:

Inside Schools just shared with us a draft of their crib sheet for school tours. Clara says:

“Hot off the presses… our check list for parents on what to look for in an elementary school tour.

Please consider this a draft…it has a few typos…but we would be very grateful if you could “test drive it” and give us feedback. If you print it on doublesided paper and fold it in thirds, you can have a brochure to take with you on school visits.

We tried to strip away all jargon and focus on things parents can see with their own eyes.

As you know, we have a tiny staff and we are hoping we can ask parents like you to gather information about schools to extend our reach.

Comments welcome!!!”

*WNYC has preK ratings and maps: Here’s a Tool to Find a Good Pre-K Program in New York City

*Find the online application here.