The schools across town that you are desperate to get your child into didn’t start out fabulous. They got that way through strong leadership and involved parents. The Bed-Stuy Parents Committee is here to encourage and support the same transformation here in our neighborhood. Together, we can have innovative, integrated, excellent public schools in our own backyard.

BSPC has chosen two focus schools in District 16, P.S. 309 and Brighter Choice Community School. We began this group as parents of toddlers and tiny babies, and our first “class” of members started pre-K this fall. So far, we have been involved in writing grants, fundraising, increasing parent engagement, and expanding enrichment instruction. For example, we helped one school get a music teacher and every child there now gets music class.  But with an overwhelmingly poor student body and the highest rate of homeless students in Brooklyn,the whole community must pitch in to fill the gap.

BSPC strengthens and promotes District 16’s public schools. We work toward equity, racial and socioeconomic integration, and parent empowerment. We favor child-centered approaches to learning that support curiosity, joy and intrinsic motivation.

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